Demise of Dragon and Dungeon

S pointed out to me today the announcement that Paizo will cease publication of both Dragon and Dungeon magazines in September. We are both very sad about it. Dragon has been around as long as I've known about D&D. I'm not the only one who felt kicked in the stomach over it. I always kinda hoped someday I'd come up with an article for it. S had two articles published there, one of which was anthologized in the Dragon Compendium. When I last checked the EN World boards, the discussion was 5 pages long. Wow, now it's up to 14. Makes me sad. I always thought of it as the professional standard for gaming.

In other news, T slept most of the day. Hard to believe his surgery was a week ago today. It's been a quick week. We walked to the mailbox and back again today. He kept complaining of being hot and then cold, and when we took his temp, it was 100.4. Within a couple of hours it was 101.5. According to the info we were given at the hospital, if he had a temp of 101, we should call the doctor. He got Lambeth, who was on call, on the phone; he said to take Tylenol and that it's perfectly normal. Got me upset, though.

Spent a lot of time today working on the S'garde bridge adventure, which I think I'm entitling The Green Woman of Vaathwood. I write so terribly slow; I only got the first encounter done. In fairness, I am emulating the Slaughtergarde format, so I have to re-order the stat blocks that I'm using from the RPG cards of the D&D minis.

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