With a name like Slaughtergarde…

The party made it through six encounters on Saturday. This time it was not a walk in the park. We had our longest combat (in a campaign I've run), 8 rounds, against three stupid troglodytes. I hate troglodytes now. They were so fiddly. Part of the problem was that Dornath was hemmed in and couldn't do skirmish damage. The scariest critter was the half-fiend ogre. He could dish out huge amounts of damage with his falchion in one blow.

I actually discussed character deaths with S and J at lunch. As we know, there's no way I can possibly kill of Grayl. He's far too vital to my plot. I don't want to kill anyone, but we'll see. I just wanted them to be aware of the possibility.

I drove up to Huntsville yesterday for far too short a trip, but I got to visit with Mom and Gram, so it was nice. Really wore me out though. I didn't realize how tired I was until after dinner.

I have begun plotting the “bridge” section between Slaughtergarde and Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. Full of dragon-y goodness. I dug out Dragon Magic and already found just skimming it some cool things to use.

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