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Not sure how I missed this particular quiz, but here's my results. Big surprise, huh?

  You scored as Method Actor, You think that gaming is a form of creative expression. You may view rules as, at best, a necessary evil, preferring sessions where the dice never come out of the bag. You enjoy situations that test or deepen your character's personality traits.

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Long time, no post

Well, I had posted stuff and then LJ ate it. Must be that darn goat! Anyhow, here's the description S gave me of my character in our next game, using d20 Modern, Imperial Age Faeries and IA Magick.


Somewhere along the way, due to your pale skin and paler hair no doubt, you got the nickname “Swedish Jack” but in reality you only know one name to be your own, and even that one you are not sure about. Somewhere in your admittedly hazy memory you know someone called you “Emerson” so you have taken that name as your own. 
You are tall, well over six feet and often deliberately slouch to hide your height, and remarkably skinny with hands and feet that seem too big for your body, like a puppy who has not grown into them yet. Your clothes, almost all stolen or charity, do not fit well, not even that bowler hat you always wear. As awkward as that would seem to be you are nevertheless possessed of your own sort of grace and charm. So much so, in fact, that you have a remarkable way with people and those too long and too skinny fingers come in useful around carelessly minded pockets and unwatched locks. Not that you would steal, at least not often and almost never from the same person.
In your mid-teens, you have lived on the streets of London for as long as you can remember, but often you seem to have trouble keeping your distant memories strait so that is not saying much. You have been in gangs before, you know, and various homes for orphans, but have never stuck at anything long. 
That is, before you met Maggie.
Something about Maggie makes you want to take care of her, to protect her. Like she is a long lost sister or something. Sometimes you jokingly call her ‘princess’ and make up stories about her mysterious mother. You may tease her a bit, but you never let her out of your sight for long. The thought of her being hurt is infuriating. The thought of being separated from her for long is maddening.
So you do the best you can with what you have. A quick wit and nimble hands, and a good healthy dose of uncanny luck, have all served you well thus far. You make deals and do favors for people all over town, you listen and you learn, you make it your business to know what is what and who is who, and when you need to you it in for a place to stay, food to eat, or protection. You do your best to avoid violence, but are not afraid to scrap if you have to keep you or Maggie safe. 
Right now you are living in a small room in a building that was partially destroyed in a fire. Rather than tearing it down other buildings just got built around it, many using what was left of the structure for support. It is not a nice part of town, but in that little squat you and your friend are relatively safe. During the day you go out to scrape up some money and food and other items you want as you can. She tells fortunes on street corners and in alleyways while you keep a watch and round up customers, and occasionally deal with those who want a bit more than what is being offered. You grab an apple or a loaf of bread when you can and she buys a little cheese or sausage with what she earns, and you live one day to the next.


Yes, first there were lolcats (my fave site: and Apparently there's now lolpr0n (Nope, no link for that. You're on your own, cowboy.). Yikes. 

My idea is lolminis! Yes, D&D minis. I've spent time over the last few months cataloging mine and S's collections of D&D minis (his have been living at my house since I've been running Shattered Gates of S'garde), and when the minis were on my desk, they ended up in fascinating juxtapositions. Like, if you have two ophidians (, you can have them link arms and square dance. Yeah, I know, it's sick.

Development on the new Samford home page has ground to a halt. The powers that be (no, not THOSE powers) wanted feedback from people. Pfft. That's all due today, so I can move on after that. Most of the comments weren't that useful, but they have been positive overall.

Oh, I finished the 6th Dresden Files book last night. Wow, they are so good. I can't believe I was ready to stop after the 2nd one. It really picked up after that.

Our heat pump upstairs has gone out. Ack. And this week is supposed to climb into the 90s. They are coming out Monday to look at it.