IA Faeries Adventure

At long last I got my wish–to play Imperial Age Faeries. The only problem with it was that it was too short. We finished up in 4 hours.

Here are the highlights.

Emerson and Maggie were finishing up a meager supper when they heard someone coming up the back stairs of their ramshackle squatting place–stairs which shouldn't have been able to support weight. Emerson attempted to fight off the intruder while Maggie gathered up their few belongings and ran down the pile of furniture and debris through the hole in the floor. The strange intruder was a formidable opponent. Emerson and Maggie ran out into the alley, where they were rescued by a peculiar old man who drew a chalk line on the wall. The chalk line became a door, and the two found themselves on top of a grassy hill, looking up at the stars in a clear black sky.

They spoke with an immense Owl, who told them the 4 rules of Faerie (1. Never leave the path. 2. Don't accept anything unless you pay for it in kind. 3. Always be polite and courteous. 4. Never give your name. Say what you are called.), which was where they found themselves, in the County of Eleven. He told them to go to the Mouse and Owl Inn, then flew off on gigantic wings. As the two looked at each other, they noticed that Maggie had becoming even more luminously beautiful, while Emerson was taller with even larger hands and feet than before.

Emerson and Maggie made their way down the hill on the spiral path and through the woods, always sure to follow the path. They found a skeleton entangled in a thorn bush, and nearby, a massive iron-shod club that Emerson appropriated. Although it seemed too large for a man to use, it fit nicely in his oversized hands. It came in quite handy when they found themselves surrounded by goblins. Emerson pulped one with the club, while Maggie displayed a newfound ability for casting spells and put most of them to sleep.

More later…

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