Actual winter precip

 It sleeted today! Okay, only for like an hour, no accumulation, but I wondered if we were going to see any this season. Mostly it turned to rain, but considering we're still in a drought sitch, that's fine.

I think Giuliana, my character in Scott's Mosaic game, is going to bow out. She's a great PC, but not suited to what the campaign's turned out to be. My substitute PC will be an Iron Witch, from Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed. Don't know yet gender or race. Our party lacks an area damage specialist, and s/he would fill that slot nicely. It's been quite awhile since I seriously looked at AU, but it is quite cool. I thought about playing a loresong faen, although I had pooh-poohed the idea of playing a gnome.

I've started reading the Worlds and Monsters 4th edition book from WotC. As usual, fun and fascinating stuff. I like their attitude toward a more cohesive D&D, although I've always (mostly) created my own worlds.

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