European ghosts

 Ghost Hunters International premiered last night on SciFi. I was a bit skeptical, but Grant and Jason introduced the new people, and the format is like regular GH. Robb, the main guy in GHI, has the same skeptical approach as Grant and Jay, with a wry sense of humor. I'm not quite as fond of the rest of the crew. Donna is a cheerful and familiar face and probably competent at her job, but strikes me as a rather jittery at times and a bit too gullible. Suzanne (?) doesn't seem to make much of a contribution; I was annoyed by her gum chewing in one scene in the bus. Andy is good. I've never been a big Brian fan, but he was ok. Barry usually gets on my nerves by being too new-agey; I'm probably influenced by Grant's evident (although tactfully not expressed) skepticism about his methods. They investigated Chillingham Castle in England and Mary King's Close in Edinburgh, with slight results. It seems to me that when they go to really overtly haunted places, they don't come up with much evidence. I don't remember seeing the “ion counter” before that they brought out, but hey, I like gadgets. I'll keep watching the show.

The good news is they showed previews for a new season of Ghost Hunters, as well as a teaser promo for Battlestar Galactica, returning in March. Now that I've finished watching all of the first season on DVD, I'm ready for the second. Oh noes! Will Commander Adama live after being shot by Sharon? How will Starbuck and Hilo and pregnant Sharon get back to Galactica? How will the crisis with President Laura be resolved? 

OK, so I'm a little behind.

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