Screaming for Subtlety

Freedom of the press is one of, if not our most, vital freedoms. But oh, come on, people of the press! That doesn't mean freedom from thought! “Comeback”, indeed. >snort of derision< After a caucus and primaries in Wyoming and New Hampshire, we have candidates making comebacks. It's barely started! Please can you ever start off without huge pronouncements? I know they do it to get attention, but this makes me not listen to any of it. If you're raving about huge events this close to the beginning, Nuclear Tuesday or whatever tagline they're giving to Feb. 5's primaries will be incomprehensible. “Hillary raised from the dead! Obama creates universe! Republicans do…stuff!”

I so hate politics. Primary season is like some big ol' LARP where somehow my character is a janitor who doesn't even have her own keys to the building, has no secret powers, and isn't a pawn in anyone's Machiavellian schemes. (“No severed head of a man in his late forties. Nothing.”)

Democracy is annoying. There, yes, I said it. That's because it's made up of people. And we all know what J says about people*.

*”People suck,” says J.

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