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Happy Birthday, Tim!

Tim Powers actually has a birthday today, Feb. 29. He has a cool article in Forbes online on chronocentrism. Huzzah! Love his time travel novels. And his non-time travel novels.

Can’t Sleep, Spirals Will Get Me

 The other day at the hair salon I read most of Uzumaki, vol. 1. Yikes. Fascinating, but disturbing. It's a tribute to the artist that black and white drawings can evoke such disgust. Based on the description on the back, I thought it would be more creepy than disturbing. Definitely horror. I noticed on Amazon that vol. 3 just came out this month. I think I may have to read the others, since vol. 1 ends with “to be continued,” and I want to find out what happens to the protagonists. I'll never look at spirals the same way again, though. I watched T playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii last night, and the doors in the section he was traversing had modified spirals on them. Had just a brief “eww” moment.

I heard an interesting phrase from, of all people, Richard Land (?) of the Southern Baptist Convention. On NPR this morning, commenting on politics and evangelicals, said, “Clinton is conducting a job interview. Obama is on a date.” Fascinating observation.

DFRPG Laws of Magic

 The Dresden RPG site has a great series of articles on the Dresdenverse Laws of Magic, also giving a lot of cool info on how the game mechanics will work.

Overview on the Laws
First Law: Never take a life [with magic]
Second Law: Never transform another
Third Law: Never invade the thoughts of another
Fourth Law: Never enthrall another
Fifth Law: Never reach beyond the borders of life
Sixth Law: Never swim against the currents of time
Seventh Law: Never seek knowledge and power from beyond the Outer Gates

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Dresden geeking

 I'm still geeking out over the possibilities of the Dresden Files RPG. S and I came up with some characters, although I've (naturally) been obsessing over mine more. I'll post them soon. I'm about 3/4 of the way through White Night. It's not quite as good as some of the others, but is still very enjoyable. I like seeing what's happened to Molly Carpenter, his apprentice, but I miss her dad, the paladin Michael Carpenter. (He is so a paladin.) Then to top off my geekfest, I came home from work yesterday and watched the first episode of the Dresden Files DVD that Rick and Jen got me for my birthday. I love the casting of Paul Blackthorne as Harry. I also like Valerie Cruz as Murphy, although she is the absolute opposite (well, in appearance) of Murphy in the books.