Can’t Sleep, Spirals Will Get Me

 The other day at the hair salon I read most of Uzumaki, vol. 1. Yikes. Fascinating, but disturbing. It's a tribute to the artist that black and white drawings can evoke such disgust. Based on the description on the back, I thought it would be more creepy than disturbing. Definitely horror. I noticed on Amazon that vol. 3 just came out this month. I think I may have to read the others, since vol. 1 ends with “to be continued,” and I want to find out what happens to the protagonists. I'll never look at spirals the same way again, though. I watched T playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii last night, and the doors in the section he was traversing had modified spirals on them. Had just a brief “eww” moment.

I heard an interesting phrase from, of all people, Richard Land (?) of the Southern Baptist Convention. On NPR this morning, commenting on politics and evangelicals, said, “Clinton is conducting a job interview. Obama is on a date.” Fascinating observation.

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