It got me

Fortunately I didn't get as sick as Thomas has been. I'm home today with a leaky nose and a chest cough. But taking Zicam every 3 hours has really helped. Somehow I even woke up about every 3 hours last night so I could take it.

Yesterday I led singing a cappella. Conducting gestures and all. I wasn't in very good voice, because of the incipient sickness, but it went well and everyone sang out nicely. All those years singing without a piano in the Church of Christ, and now it sounds so quiet without one at Mayberry.

The previous day's gaming was so fun. Nice to get back into it again. I'm anxious to play my new character, Ka-Quindath, giant iron witch. I got the mini in the mail Friday, plus his dice. Giuliana is a great character, but just not in the kinds of adventures Scott is running. And she'd require a completely different party, too. Oh well.

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