Last Dresden character

Here's another one Scott came up with.

Name: Henry Watson
Henry “If-you-say-‘elementary, my dear'-will-kick-your-face-in” Watson
mid 40s, always impeccably dressed (some would say overly so), even in the August heat of Birmingham in a suit and tie never seems to sweat, of mixed ancestry that caused him alot of grief early in his career, Grandfather was a Haitian Hogun who seemingly had a stroke or other mental and physical break down before Henry was born but would talk to Henry, and only Henry, when he was young. his dad is black (so he would be in the line of succession for being a Hogun) and his mama is white. but his dad was like a black lawyer during the Civil Rights Movement who married a white activist. His dad turned his back on the old ways but when his father took ill, he got him and moved him in with him in B'ham
comes across as a no nonsense by the books kinda guy, but in reality knows enough to let some things slide and to ignore the rules when necessary

Aspects: Strictly by-the-book (at least around other cops)
“You're all right, kid, you can stay–just don't mess up the evidence”
Protect the public, no matter what it takes

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