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Here's Scott's character, at least partially, for the Dresden Files RPG. You can tell we both got hung up on the “Aspects” section.


Name: Michael “Mike” Ransom
High Concept: Anti-necromancer
Personal Struggle: his violent streak and his uncertainty about his place in the world – he always pictured what his life as a minister was going to be like and now it’s all different and the world is a more dangerous place than he thought
Where Did You Come From? Mike was born with the caul over his face – his grandmother (who had been the daughter of a well digger who used a willow rod to find water) said he was a warlock but no one in the family believed that. When she told him that as a child, it upset him.
What Shapes You? His main magicy-ness is mild flashes of premonition and possibly a magical ‘sight' that causes things that are magical to stand out to him like they are a different cell in a cartoon. But it’s very passive, not at all something he has tried to develop until recently and he considers it a spiritual gift: prophecy and discernment. He still feels that he is called by God, and that specifically it’s to help people who have been harmed by the dark things of the world. He doesn’t use a lot of religious language around most people, 'cause he knows it puts them off and he is not like Michael Carpenter, but that’s how he thinks of all of it, as part of a calling. Never really wild or anything, but very independent and very strong willed. Got into lots of fights when he was younger, considers himself to have a violent streak. i think his sense of anger and righteousness gets the better of him. I suspect he did and has had to do things that were a lot more violent in his combat against the dead and dark in B'ham than he is comfortable with.
What’s Your First Novel?
Mike Ransom, a young seminary graduate and new pastor of the Pea Vine Baptist Church, discovers that his congregation attends more than one kind of service in a week and he might just need more than prayer to put an end to it.

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