My personal chronology

 An IM discussion with my mom has cleared up some dates I was hazy about. We moved into the house on Saundralane Drive in 1963 and lived there until 1965. Still not sure about the flood date, but the tree blowing down would've been in 1963.

Instead of the split level house story, I'll post the places we lived first.

I was born in Huntsville. I think Mom was living with Gram and Granddaddy at the time, because Dad was still in the Air Force on Middleton Island, Alaska. They may have lived on a street whose name escapes me at the moment.

Sometime in 1960 or 61, Mom and Dad moved to North Carolina for a short time. When they returned to Huntsville, they rented a house on Gesman Place.

1963-1965 – Saundralane Drive
1965-1970 – 3101 Dahlia Drive [Rick found the house number here; he's a good detective]
1970-1971 – 2016 Woodmore Drive (lived there 8 months during the time they were divorced)
1971-1975 – 3319 Barton Avenue
1975-1983 – 2003 Roundleaf Green

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