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Sims and such

Not much going on. We did get to play Mosaic last Saturday. Had a quite entertaining time defending a gnome pig farm in the Underdark against goblin raiders. Scott modded a game from Pathfinder. We had to pick up the miniature pigs and get them to the pen before the goblins got away with them. Really fun and different–and different is the intent in this campaign. Mordecai received another dire warning from the Inquisitor who is apparently tracking him. Yikes! J will be in H'ville this weekend, so we won't get to play, but the three of us will play Settlers of Cataan with the Cities and Knights expansion that they got T for his birthday.

I've become obsessed with The Sims 2 pretty much as I was several years back with The Sims. I suffered a tragic loss of files when we had a mishap with installing the Pets expansion–I had cultivated Mordecai Shadebane (yeah, same name), his wife Katelyn (a Hall of Famer he married) and their daughter Rashmali (yeah, named for J's PC in Mosaic) through Mordecai's death and transformation into a ghost and Rashmali's college career through her first semester of being a Junior. All gone. Sigh. I've gone back to a previous save and complicated things with adding a cousin (not sure whose), Stella Andromeda, and her daughter Astra. Their next door neighbor is kilt-wearing, red-ponytailed, heavily-tattooed Darien Starguard, whom I'm hoping to marry off to Stella. So far, no fireworks, but I haven't played it from Stella's viewpoint yet. We'll see.  

Runner-up in Game Chef!

I finally remembered to check the results of the Game Chef contest. The game that used my art won runner-up! 

The results:
Best Game: House of Masks, by Mr. Teapot and Dale Horstman
Best Game Runner-up: Dulse, by Jason Morningstar and Donna K Fitch


Joss-i-licious day!

 Wow, first I hear the tail-end of this on NPR this morning: Buffy the Vampire Slayer saved the world and the sanity of NPR's Jamie Tarabay while she was in Baghdad. Tarabay explores why she and others in Baghdad needed the slayer.
And then in

‘s blog, he had a link to the Dollhouse trailer for Joss' new series. W00t!

Got stress?

Well, after that “excitement” on Friday morning, I'm walking out to my car, glad to finally be on my way home to do some massive cleaning before Mom's visit. Cell phone call. From Philip again. Asking me to go back to my office and be ready to post another story. Something else BIG has happened.

Michael came in and told me, confidentially (until the story was posted), that the whole story about the guy having a gun brandished at him WAS A HOAX. The campus security officer had made it up.

[Insert many expletives here.] So I stayed and posted the story. What on earth possesses someone to turn an entire campus in uproar with a bogus story about a gunman? 

I really have no words. I'm still too tired. When I did get home, after stopping by Zaxby's to get supper (and getting another phone call from Philip about an addition to the story online), Thomas said he was in massive pain with his back. He called his doctor, who said he should probably go to the emergency room.

I broke down at that point. We spent the evening at the emergency room, he got 3 shots and 3 prescriptions and spent the weekend in bed. The visit with Mom was great. I needed her support after all that. T is feeling much better, and I hope he'll stay in bed another day, letting the muscle relaxers do their job. 

After Mom left, I took a nap until she called and said she'd made it home safely (2 hrs), then played The Sims 2 until bedtime, with a short break for dinner.

I didn't even mention the severe thunderstorms that knocked our power out for an hour early Sunday morning. 

What a week

Ohhhh, boy. I hate weeks like this. Meetings every single day, mostly because the CMS Subgroup, of which I am chair, is meeting twice a week to meet our May 19 deadline for reporting on which content management system the university should choose. One of our members keeps getting stroppy, which sets me on edge. Mom's coming to visit tomorrow and Sunday (glee!), but that means cleaning. Massively. T has hurt his back, though, and can't help, so I'm looking forward to carting all the boxes from our recent single-handed attempt to jumpstart the economy from the breakfast area down to the garage. Sigh. I have three major redesigns that I'm juggling, one of which is Admission. And then come the two whoppers: storms and potential mayhem.

Yesterday the long-forecast storms hit right about the time I was leaving. It was thundering massively and the tornado sirens were going off, but when I passed J in the hall, she had just talked to S on the phone, who said the tornado was going north of us (in Homewood). That's what they always do. Only they didn't. By the time I got in the car and down Lakeshore Drive a bit, S called and said I should either turn around and go back to campus, or come to his house, because the tornado and storms were coming through Vestavia Hills and Homewood and Hoover. Great. So I opted (in the interest of my friends' and relations' peace of mind) to go to Scott's house. We sat and watched the weather until 4:30, at which time he deemed it safe for me to travel. I really appreciated him letting me hang out there, but it lost me the afternoon of cleaning. Took me an hour to get home.

This morning, as I was getting ready, my phone buzzed at 5:35 a.m. with an alert that

A suspicious person with a weapon is on campus. Remain in your dorm until ALL CLEAR. THIS IS NOT A TEST

Huh. Okay. I figured it would over by the time I got to work. Then, at 6:13 while I was driving to campus, my supervisor Philip called and said the campus was in lockdown and that I should meet him in the parking lot, where we would talk about what to do, as he was nearly behind me. The campus security officers were stopping everyone and directing us to the south stadium lot. Sure enough, Philip was there. We got into his SUV, spoke with Officer Judy, and got permission to go to Samford Hall so I could post the story to the web. Kinda weird being locked in, not only to the building but to the PR office suite as well. I logged into the CMS so Philip could compose the story as we knew it. He got called back to the south stadium lot, leaving me locked in alone (at my insistence that I'd be fine). He called later and sent a man from the Purchasing Dept., whose office is on our floor, to be another presence in the building. By 7:30 we got the all clear. The consensus seems to be that the suspicious person immediately ran off campus, so there wasn't any danger really, but the university's emergency plan worked quite well. The great thing is, I could go on with my work as if it were a normal day. I hate wasting time in the morning!