Got stress?

Well, after that “excitement” on Friday morning, I'm walking out to my car, glad to finally be on my way home to do some massive cleaning before Mom's visit. Cell phone call. From Philip again. Asking me to go back to my office and be ready to post another story. Something else BIG has happened.

Michael came in and told me, confidentially (until the story was posted), that the whole story about the guy having a gun brandished at him WAS A HOAX. The campus security officer had made it up.

[Insert many expletives here.] So I stayed and posted the story. What on earth possesses someone to turn an entire campus in uproar with a bogus story about a gunman? 

I really have no words. I'm still too tired. When I did get home, after stopping by Zaxby's to get supper (and getting another phone call from Philip about an addition to the story online), Thomas said he was in massive pain with his back. He called his doctor, who said he should probably go to the emergency room.

I broke down at that point. We spent the evening at the emergency room, he got 3 shots and 3 prescriptions and spent the weekend in bed. The visit with Mom was great. I needed her support after all that. T is feeling much better, and I hope he'll stay in bed another day, letting the muscle relaxers do their job. 

After Mom left, I took a nap until she called and said she'd made it home safely (2 hrs), then played The Sims 2 until bedtime, with a short break for dinner.

I didn't even mention the severe thunderstorms that knocked our power out for an hour early Sunday morning. 

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