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Not much going on. We did get to play Mosaic last Saturday. Had a quite entertaining time defending a gnome pig farm in the Underdark against goblin raiders. Scott modded a game from Pathfinder. We had to pick up the miniature pigs and get them to the pen before the goblins got away with them. Really fun and different–and different is the intent in this campaign. Mordecai received another dire warning from the Inquisitor who is apparently tracking him. Yikes! J will be in H'ville this weekend, so we won't get to play, but the three of us will play Settlers of Cataan with the Cities and Knights expansion that they got T for his birthday.

I've become obsessed with The Sims 2 pretty much as I was several years back with The Sims. I suffered a tragic loss of files when we had a mishap with installing the Pets expansion–I had cultivated Mordecai Shadebane (yeah, same name), his wife Katelyn (a Hall of Famer he married) and their daughter Rashmali (yeah, named for J's PC in Mosaic) through Mordecai's death and transformation into a ghost and Rashmali's college career through her first semester of being a Junior. All gone. Sigh. I've gone back to a previous save and complicated things with adding a cousin (not sure whose), Stella Andromeda, and her daughter Astra. Their next door neighbor is kilt-wearing, red-ponytailed, heavily-tattooed Darien Starguard, whom I'm hoping to marry off to Stella. So far, no fireworks, but I haven't played it from Stella's viewpoint yet. We'll see.  

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