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Denied! and a small victory

No gaming this weekend. But Scott's dad came home from the hospital, which was wonderful news. I spent Saturday playing The Sims 2 until I got a headache.

Yesterday I finally solved the frustration of my two Sims who have 100 relationship scores with each other, live together and are engaged, but wouldn't prompt the “Propose/Marriage” interaction. At last Rashmali Shadebane and Christian Danaher were on a date (at home) and I got the prompt. W00t! I rushed to have the wedding. Omitted the party, so they didn't get the whole experience, complete with honeymoon, but at last they're married. I'm hoping the same treatment will work for Astra and Edward. She's already an Elder now. Chris is the first to be scared by the ghost of Katelyn (known informally as “The Slut”). Stella is now Captain Hero. The top of the Law Enforcement track is a superhero. She flies to work each morning. Funky costume–looks rubber. 

A refreshing breeze…

 We finally got to have a “normal” weekend, despite S's dad being in the hospital. Friday night we went to Legion and got comics and gave S his birthday present–the box set of D&D 4e. I haven't seen him grin like that in a long time. Did my heart good; I *do* worry about the boy. Saturday we played in the Mosaic campaign, w00t! Finally got to the Underdark city of Oubliette–a quite nasty place. We spent most of the time figuring out what to do and ran into a mob of insane people. That made for a unique encounter, which is what this campaign is all about. At last we found The Jigsaw, the owner of which is a Venture Captain in the Cartomundi Guild. Mordecai is a bit relieved at the dark press that is Oubliette–maybe the Inquisitor won't be able to follow him here. We did get to level up, so we're all eighth level now!

We took Scott out for his birthday to Yuki Japanese Restaurant that night. On Sunday afternoon we all went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Mostly disappointing, but I went into it only wanting to see Indy again and to have some fun. It fulfilled both counts, but I hate that such an opportunity was wasted by Mr. Spielberg. I didn't go away with that lingering immersive feeling I got from the Star Wars movies (the original trilogy) and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Hey, that sounds like a fun game…

That there Dungeons and Dragons sounds like it would be fun. Oh yeah, I remember playing that…way back long ago…in the before-time.

That would be a freakin' month ago. ARGH! and indeed GRRR! into the bargain.

We're supposed to get to play this coming weekend. Here's hoping everyone remains well and nobody has to go out of town for any reason.

I'm enjoying reading the new 4e Player Handbook, although it's tantalizing. At the rate we're going with Mosaic, it'll be the new year before we start a 4th edition campaign. But that's okay, I'm still enjoying Mosaic. I want to find out what happens to Mordecai, who's currently being pursued by an Inquisitor. Fun stuff! 

In work matters, this morning the CMS Subgroup of which I'm chair is presenting our choice for CMS: Ektron. I hope it goes well. We're prepared for argument, but maybe there won't be any.


Not much to say. Didn't get to game last weekend (unless you count Settlers of Catan and the expansion T got for his birthday, Cities and Knights of Catan–fun, but not the same). Scott's internet connection to his spiffy blazing new Dell is slower than getting paid by a PDF publisher, so we haven't messaged all week. I'm going into serious withdrawals. Our house painting is nearly done, which will be nice (see pic).

In Sims news, Mordecai has died (again), but in better circumstances. I actually saw the Grim Reaper come for him this time and got pictures of it. What's scary is that the two Sims who live with him, his slutty wife Katelyn and his (or her) cousin Stella Andromeda have a fear of him becoming a zombie. I didn't think much of it, except that it was weird, until I started to play the Curious Brothers' house. Vidcund Curious has as one of his Wants to make a zombie–and the icon for it was Mordecai's face! I sure don't want him to become a zombie. That's way creepy. I know, fictional, but still…Rashmali is once again in college at La Fiesta Tech, along with her [2nd?] cousin Astra Andromeda. She's made it to her Sophomore year. Hope I can get her finished and done without another meltdown of the files. I just won't add any expansions. I've been playing Fox and his sister Dana Anomahlee. I think both of them are about ready to marry–it'll be a really big household. We'll see how that plays out.