Denied! and a small victory

No gaming this weekend. But Scott's dad came home from the hospital, which was wonderful news. I spent Saturday playing The Sims 2 until I got a headache.

Yesterday I finally solved the frustration of my two Sims who have 100 relationship scores with each other, live together and are engaged, but wouldn't prompt the “Propose/Marriage” interaction. At last Rashmali Shadebane and Christian Danaher were on a date (at home) and I got the prompt. W00t! I rushed to have the wedding. Omitted the party, so they didn't get the whole experience, complete with honeymoon, but at last they're married. I'm hoping the same treatment will work for Astra and Edward. She's already an Elder now. Chris is the first to be scared by the ghost of Katelyn (known informally as “The Slut”). Stella is now Captain Hero. The top of the Law Enforcement track is a superhero. She flies to work each morning. Funky costume–looks rubber. 

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