Not much to say. Didn't get to game last weekend (unless you count Settlers of Catan and the expansion T got for his birthday, Cities and Knights of Catan–fun, but not the same). Scott's internet connection to his spiffy blazing new Dell is slower than getting paid by a PDF publisher, so we haven't messaged all week. I'm going into serious withdrawals. Our house painting is nearly done, which will be nice (see pic).

In Sims news, Mordecai has died (again), but in better circumstances. I actually saw the Grim Reaper come for him this time and got pictures of it. What's scary is that the two Sims who live with him, his slutty wife Katelyn and his (or her) cousin Stella Andromeda have a fear of him becoming a zombie. I didn't think much of it, except that it was weird, until I started to play the Curious Brothers' house. Vidcund Curious has as one of his Wants to make a zombie–and the icon for it was Mordecai's face! I sure don't want him to become a zombie. That's way creepy. I know, fictional, but still…Rashmali is once again in college at La Fiesta Tech, along with her [2nd?] cousin Astra Andromeda. She's made it to her Sophomore year. Hope I can get her finished and done without another meltdown of the files. I just won't add any expansions. I've been playing Fox and his sister Dana Anomahlee. I think both of them are about ready to marry–it'll be a really big household. We'll see how that plays out.

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