Hey, that sounds like a fun game…

That there Dungeons and Dragons sounds like it would be fun. Oh yeah, I remember playing that…way back long ago…in the before-time.

That would be a freakin' month ago. ARGH! and indeed GRRR! into the bargain.

We're supposed to get to play this coming weekend. Here's hoping everyone remains well and nobody has to go out of town for any reason.

I'm enjoying reading the new 4e Player Handbook, although it's tantalizing. At the rate we're going with Mosaic, it'll be the new year before we start a 4th edition campaign. But that's okay, I'm still enjoying Mosaic. I want to find out what happens to Mordecai, who's currently being pursued by an Inquisitor. Fun stuff! 

In work matters, this morning the CMS Subgroup of which I'm chair is presenting our choice for CMS: Ektron. I hope it goes well. We're prepared for argument, but maybe there won't be any.

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