Fun in Oubliette

 We played this past weekend and had a great time. I'm always partial to sessions that are mostly roleplay. I like combat, don't get me wrong, but my heart's with the RP. We did some wandering around Oubliette, an aptly named dark hole of a place in the Underdark. 

We were very curious about the “dark” region of Oubliette. Not only is it sans the mage lights that illuminate the rest of the city, it has a pall of darkness over it. As we lingered near the entrance, a salesman, for lack of a better term, for the undead way of life came out and asked us if we'd thought about our immortality. Very creepy. He gave us tiles with the Black Sun motif on them and told us if we changed our minds to snap them and a representative would find us. Freaked out J so much we bought a bag of holding just to stash the tiles in. Worth investigating more in the future, but yikes!

A group of drow, including a chick riding a giant lizard, attacked us to try to sell us to the arena, but we made quick work of them, even though they got the drop on us. I was actually scared for my PCs. I've run drow and know how scary they can be, and potentially tough, especially if the poison gets you. I should have more faith in Rashmali, Queen of Death from Above. The lead drow caved and surrendered after we killed her minion drow ninjas.

The scariest encounter was the contact Jigsaw (local member of the Cartamundi and possibly a Venture Captain) put us in touch with. This contact had information about Derral Feodar, the person we've come to Oubliette to find. We were ushered into a very private dining room wherein a panther headed creature with backwards hands was eating a huge meal. OMG, we've never actually encountered a rakshasa before. He was horrid. When the serving girl came in (the one Mordecai has flirted with from afar–she has red skin, black hair and yellow eyes), the rakshasa was feeling her up and making her quite uncomfortable. M was not happy. Also VERY not happy was Quin's new intelligent longspear, Cry of Heaven. The entire time it was chanting “KillitkillitkillitKILLIT!” The rakshasa pushed all our buttons, but let us know who has custody of Feodar–another rakshasa named Bahar, a powerful creature.

That should prove very interesting. Too bad we don't get to play next week, but that gives me time to get the transcription done. I've lost most of this week with the Grubers here visiting.

And welcome to Scott, who finally has a journal! W00t!

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