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nitewanderer, you've inspired me to do some more writing. Before I rediscovered D&D, I wrote 2 (unpublished) novels, one of which I had professionally edited by Kathy Ptacek, who really liked it. I'm finding myself a little too stressed at the on-again, off-again nature of our gaming lately (lately due to stuff outside any control but God's), and think I need another creative outlet. I'm looking into play-by-post, which intimidates me A LOT. I'm also dusting off currently-titled Dreams of the Dead. I don't think that's a great title, but it will stand for now. I've written at least 3 version of it that I can find, each with a different protagonist. Micah Saracen appeals to me most, so we'll go with him for now. The location was also sparked by an suggestion by Kathy about setting a series of novels in "a college town where weird stuff happens," sort of like Charles L. Grant's Black Oak series. (Sadly out of print. Oh, how I hate that there won't be any more of those!)

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The brief description, from the prologue: Why would someone challenge the data in a published article in a completely fabricated field of study? Anyway, it's all about ley lines and cemeteries set in Oakleigh University.

We'll see how it goes.

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