Mordecai is dead, long live Mordecai

 Took me awhile to be able to write about this. Well, mainly for time constraint reasons. 🙂

Yes, Mordecai died. Boy, did he die. We were using alternate death rules, where he would die at minus Con + level, so -22. Yikes, he ended up at -61. I suppose he could've run away, but he was angry and fought back.

Bellos graciously cast reincarnate. Some looking on thought that he was reincarnated in the body of a tauren, like Bellos, but that was only an effect of the spell, and the former glimmerfolk Mordecai Shadebane is now Mordecai Twiceborn (maybe), gnome.

Wow, that would feel weird, being killed as a 6'4″ fellow and waking up as 3'4″. Will definitely change his dating pool.

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