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Spell filter

 One of the commenters posted this link in response to

 request for a spell filter: Really excellent resource for 3.5.

When your past catches up with you…

Saturday's gaming session was exciting from start to finish. We were apprehensive about this next event–visiting the rakshasa Avishandu in his lair, the brothel called The Succulent Pear. He turned out to be pretty tough–started out zapping both Mordecai and Quin with a lightning bolt. Mordecai made his Reflex save and took half damage, but Quin took full damage. He was not rolling well. We were closing in on the rakshasa and Mordecai was just about to whack him with his morningstar (spell resistance is a drag when your main weapon is an eldritch blast), when he yielded, shouting that he'd tell us everything and it wasn't his fault.

Just before a dagger buried itself in his eye, killing him. Oh, good, we wanted to meet Bahor's sister–Vimanda, the voluptuous fox-headed rakshasa–but we didn't really expect her to attack us at that moment. She had been invisible (a monk, it turns out). [I'm guessing either her invisibility was picked up by Mordecai as part of the general magic-ness of the room when he detected magic at the beginning, or she slipped in through the beads while we were preoccupied with fighting Avishandu.] 

And wow, was she tough. Five attacks per round. Because of the spell resistance, Mordecai and Quin could only hit her on a crit, and there were a few of those. But Quin was knocked down to -1 hit points before it was over, and Mordecai was down to 10. Rashmali dispatched him, with help from a summoned giant crocodile and Bellos' horns. We cut off their heads, searched the bodies, retrieved the incriminating documents from the desk, and hightailed it out of there before anyone knew what was going on. [Thus, we didn't get to find the red mantis temple in the basement. Sigh, I love trashing cults.]

We took our blood-spattered selves to Bahor's house and, after presenting the heads of Avishandu and Bahor's traitorous sister, were taken to see Derral Feodar by the rakshasa himself. He was indeed looney as a lord, as the old saying goes, writing the same sequence of hash marks and numbers over and over: 3 4 7 11 18. I was proud of myself that I thought to have Mordecai use his eternal wand of dispel magic on Feodar's collar. Without it the guy was still insane, but we found out a little more about him. The numbers were the key to deciphering the translation of his journals, and we found out a lot of information that I'm still digesting.

Needless to say, Bahor was not happy about Mordecai using magic. And even though he was pleased to get Avishandu's head, he wasn't thrilled that we killed his sister. He gave us until the end of the watch to get out of Oubliette…or else. We went straight to Meepo who, good as his word, snuck us out of the city through the mine tunnels.

After winding through the tunnels, we came to a vast cavern–a destroyed yuan ti city that apparently met its end because of a dragon.

And suddenly an arrow flashed through the air and embedded itself in Mordecai's shoulder. “Is it cold iron?” I asked, half-joking, because the answer is always No.


said. “It's cold iron.”

Above us was the Inquisitor who had been tracking and watching Mordecai. He said that Mordecai had been judged and found wanting. And loosed another arrow. Oh yeah, and one more, just to keep things interesting. The first arrow did 16 points of damage. Mordecai has 45 hit points. Do the math.

Payback's a bitch. Especially when you're on the receiving end.

I am so thrilled.