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Haven't posted in a bit, not substantially, so here goes.

We didn't get to play much, but we have the beginnings of an intriguing adventure ahead, finding out more about Rashmali's people, the benraman. We played for not quite an hour, then sold stuff and bought more stuff, which took about three hours. But it had been ages since we'd done that, since before the Underdark, so we had a backlog. I still haven't gotten to see how Mordecai performs as a gnome; he's fought a scale golem, but those have spell resistance. He made some tasty magic item purchases that should help in that area.

I'm excited about running a one-shot 4th edition game for S. on the 20th. I'm reading through Keep on the Shadowfell and will mod it to some extent–well, the extent is getting greater and greater the more I get into it. Should be interesting, and fun to run a game again, although 4e still seems more like a minis game than D&D. I'll try and reserve judgement though.

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