Geekiest things at once meme

Well, I doubt this is THE geekiest combination of things I've ever done at once, but it probably comes close.

Monday night I was watching Big Bang Theory, laughing at  Sheldon recounting why he couldn't be a Green Lantern (duh, has to get a ring from the Guardians on Oa, etc.) but he could be Batman (as if), while cutting out D&D 4th edition power cards that I printed from a template I downloaded from EN World, using the Magic Set Editor for printing out home-brewed Magic: the Gathering cards (downloaded from, home of open source software). While wearing a Rasputina t-shirt. (sitting in front of a coffee table piled with comics)

So, faithful and innumerable readers: you are hereby challenged! What's your geekiest combo moment?

PS: Last night at chorale rehearsal, we got The Messiah. YIKES. That puppy is DIFF-Y-KULT. I may switch to tenor.

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