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Saturday's game was very fun, and very different. Our DM had a timed combat set up of 25 rounds, with particular things scheduled to happen at various points. And happen things did.

We had gone to the town of Sandpoint at the behest of Rashmali's cousin Aadrashini, because giants were attacking. Understatement. Lots of giants were attacking. We spent the time running from one end of Sandpoint to the other, dispatching clusters of giants. Fortunately I was in a mood to use up magic items I'd been carrying around for a very long time. Mordecai decided to use the scroll of fly we'd acquired ages ago, and now I've decided that fly is essential for a gnome. He's taking the fell flight invocation as soon as he can. It was very cool to be able to fly around and eldritch blast the heck out of monsters from a safe distance.

We were fine with fighting the stone giants, but then the juvenile red dragon swooped over. Ack! I was worried about that, but Bellos (J's tauran druid) zapped it with baleful polymorph and turned it into a lizard!!

That was the coolest moment of the whole game. WOW.

We managed to defeat the giant menace in the alloted time and prevented the destruction of most of the town. Quin, Bellos and Rashmali have gone up to 10th level, and Mordecai's at 9th.

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