Devious Journal Entry

Nerf Maverick Steampunk Mod
by ~aimeekitty on deviantART

I can just see that as Lady Dianna Faraday-Smythe’s weapon. (Heiress and adventuress. At the dinner party establishing diplomatic relations between the Southwick Empire and Aquavania, a guest morphs into his true form—that of a Oceanian terrorist—right in the middle of the fish course, grasps the crown princess of Aquavania  around the throat with one stinger-tipped tentacle, and threatens her life if the diplomatic discussions are not broken off immediately. Lady Dianna frowns. “Good manners are the glue that binds society together—without them we are primitives.” Swift as thought she draws her specially modified Maverick and fires precisely at the only spot in which Oceanians are vulnerable—a spot centimeters from the princess’s head. Crisis averted. For now.)

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