Drastic Perspective Change

This is so funny to me. T and I played Warcraft last night with the friend I talked about in the last entry. He finally got his headphones to work, so we actually spoke with him–which amazes me. I know, I know. VOIP is an established thing. Still amazing.

We found out he's 14.

And now I'm not as keen to play with him. We're old enough to be his parents. Or, as Thomas helpfully pointed out, possibly even his grandparents. (That's a stretch.) We never actually told him our ages, but T asked questions like, "Do your parents mind you playing", etc. Obviously "old man" questions.

So funny. He was so much like my nephew was at that age, down to the really lame joke he told.

I kinda don't think this is what my therapist had in mind when she wanted me to broaden my circle of friends.

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