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Life is a series of yellow exclamation points

Monday I found myself thinking of my day in terms of unfinished quests. Yes, I've played way too much World of Warcraft, apparently. But given what I do for a living, it makes sense. All of the websites I have to convert to Ektron can be thought of as quests. I've collected the requests, but I can't seem to complete them. Now they're stacking up, taking up room in my inventory, to the point that I really need to turn some in before I can accept any more.

My goal for the week is to see at least ONE yellow question mark. Is that too much to ask?

Beautiful images

I'm a few weeks behind on my comics reading. This morning I read Detective Comics #854. Ahhhh. How delicious it was. Art by the incomparable J. H. Williams III. That sample doesn't do it justice. I don't know how I could have forgotten his wonderful work on Promethea–one of the main reasons I bought it. Well, that and its Alan Moore bizarre-freaky-fantastic-wonderment. The drawing is superb, and the colors by Dave Stewart and lush and vibrant. The contrasts in the last pages between Batwoman and her nemesis, all in pastels, are striking.

Oh, interesting storyline, too. 🙂