April Falls

On April 10, 1869, according to Cosmos, 3-4-574, there was a fall of an enormous number of oak leaves at Autriche (Indre-et-Loire), France, on a very calm day. It lasted about ten minutes.

According to La Nature, 1889-2-94, dried leaves of different species fell on a calm day, April 19, 1889, on the Loire. They were seen to fall for fifteen minutes, but the quantity was such that it must have been falling for a half hour previously.

Then, on April 7, 1894, a “prodigious” fall of dried leaves occurred at Clairvaux and Outre-Aube, France, for half an hour. (L'Astronomie, 1894-194). It happened again a few days later, on the 11th.

–Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned, p. 254-256 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974)

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