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Coincidences multiply

On June 9, 1866, according to Rept. B. A., 1867-430, a tremendous explosion occurred over Knysahinya, Hungary, and “about a thousand stones” fell from the sky.

–Charles Fort, New Lands, p. 451 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974).

A series of detonations

M. Van den Broeck reports in Ciel et Terre, 16-485, that he heard “detonations like discharges of artillery” on June 25, 1894, at Louvain. He tabulated the intervals of the sounds at 4 minutes and 23 minutes, then 3 minutes, 4, 3 quarters, 3 and 3 quarters, then 3 quarters. Other such detonations were heard in July and August 1892, August and September 1893, and September 1895.

–Charles Fort, New Lands, p. 472 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974).

Life-fluids have rained from the sky

On June 8, 1901, about 2 p.m., a glue-like substance fell at Sart, according to Ciel et Terre, 22-198. A meteorologist told the story, saying he saw the substance fall, but didn’t know the duration, as he arrived during the last five minutes of the shower.

–Charles Fort, New Lands, p. 484 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974).

Wonders of Alaska

According to the Jour. Roy. Met. So., 27-158, a “phantom city” appears in the sky over a glacier in Alaska between June 21 and July 10. Supposedly features in it have been recognized as buildings in Bristol, England. These mirages were seen by the Alaskan Indians. A scientific expedition from San Francisco was going to investigate in May 1901. The scene is the same from year to year.

–Charles Fort, New Lands, p. 493 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974).

Sin Meets Mark Richards

No, wait, it isn't insanity. Is it?

Please take a look at this fascinating blog post, written by my good buddy Shaun Allan, author of Sin. It seems that Mark Richards, the hero of my book Second Death, has encountered Sin. See what he thinks of Mark.

Sin is next on my reading list after I finish The Coming Storm by Valerie Douglas.