Test from Live Writer

Live Writer is a program that allows you to post to your blog from just about anywhere. Ooo, blogging from Mount Everest! Right, like I’d go there to blog. My most exotic blog location is, um, my office at work. Hey, I live dangerously. Those cats have sharp claws. And hungry bellies.

Just sayin’.

This test post has been brought to you by StreamOConsciousness, the smart brand of consciousness for those who dare not censor their brains. Buy StreamOConsciousness today! (Warning: StreamOConsciousness has been tested on animals. Well, just cats.)


  1. Sounds like you live as about as dangerously as I do! lol


  2. I was wondering what LiveWriter was all about. StreamOConsciousness from my lovely little gang of kittykids–or any of my critterkids, for that matter–would probably be a very bad idea. Who knows what they’d say? Well… I pretty much know what my Greenwing Macaw would say because, well… He already talks–amusingly enough picking up on any randomly outburst cuss word prior to learning other things that are said more often, of course. *snickers*

  3. Cari, I haven’t used LiveWriter since then! I guess it would be really helpful if you have lots of blogs in various formats, but I’m a big WordPress fan, so I just use it directly. I have writer friends who swear by LiveWriter, though.

    • Well, that answers that, then. One less thing to ponder & fixate on. Thank you, Donna. I’d been trying to figure out whether or not it’d be useful to me, but I’m a WordPress fan (except lately every widget I try to employ doesn’t seem to want to show up properly–ugh) & do the majority of my blogging right here at home, also, so I’m figuring the answer about a need for LiveWriter is ‘not so much’.

      There’s a WordPress app for my Android phone, as well, so even though that app is rather ‘skeletal’ & basic, if I really wanted or needed to fire something off on the go, I have that at my fingertips. It’s a touch screen phone, though, so who knows when the kittykids are going to invade & post some very random (even for me, & I’m pretty random) & misspelled blog or comment. I wouldn’t put it past ’em! 😉

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