Tagged! Responding at Last

I'm sorry to say I'm just getting around to responding to Cari's post in which she tagged me. Herewith are 10–nay, 12–random things about me.

Ten Random Things About Me

  1. I was born in Huntsville, Alabama, known as the “Rocket City.” Growing up, I heard rockets being tested nearly every day.
  2. I sang alto for years, until I took voice lessons. Now I'm a mezzosoprano.
  3. When I was 3 years old, I amazed my pediatrician by telling him about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. My mom thought all kids did that.
  4. At about age 8, I cataloged any book around the house I could get my hands on, making check-out cards for them in little pockets in the back and labels on the spine. (Remember: olden days, before computerized libraries.) Yeah, becoming a catalog librarian was kinda inevitable.
  5. I was a charter member of the Star Trek club (“ASTRA”–Area Star Trek Readers Association) organized in my high school. Um, yeah, I had a command uniform with the little skirt, made for me by my grandmother from the official pattern. Dang difficult to make, too! And I wrote a script for a Star Trek movie, with me as the Vulcan captain. Not sure if we filmed any of it.
  6. I own two real swords (a hand-and-a-half longsword and a basket-hilt rapier) and one decorative one. I would own more if they weren't so expensive. I adore medieval weaponry, and would have an archery range in my backyard if my husband and friends didn't insist I'd put someone's eye out.
  7. I got accepted into the creative writing class in high school with a truly awful murder mystery short story that hinged on verde being Spanish for green. I'm not sure I wrote much worthwhile in that class, except for a poem called Solitaire that my brother set to music and peformed on guitar.
  8. One of my all-time favorite TV shows is Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Look it up, it's way awesome, and heavily influenced other horror TV, notably X-Files. Darren McGavin was more than just the (marvelous) dad in A Christmas Story.
  9. My favorite outdoor activity is visiting cemeteries, the older, the better.
  10. I've played the following pen-and-paper roleplaying games, roughly in order, during two periods of my life: 1977-1986: Dungeons & Dragons (1st edition & Advanced), Metamorphosis: Alpha, Gamma World, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu (still my favorite), Middle Earth Roleplaying Game (MERP), Rolemaster, Gangbusters, Empire of the Petal Throne, Pendragon; 2002-present: Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition, 3.5, 4th edition), d20 Modern, Space:1889, GURPS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mutants & Masterminds, Unknown Armies, Pendragon, d20 Call of Cthulhu, Conan the RPG, Pathfinder. I'm pretty sure I forgot some.
  11. I have a comics pull list at a comic book store in Cahaba Heights.
  12. My first computer was a Kaypro II. I paid about $1500 for it in 1984.

Well, I think my geek cred is pretty well established by that list. I did go a little over, but those last two seemed to round it out nicely.

Thanks for doing this, Cari!


  1. Donna, this is so excellent & I’m incredibly happy you enjoyed playing ‘tag’ with me. Not to mention the bonus of twelve random tidbits instead of just the ‘required’ ten. You go above & beyond in so many ways, which is why it’s such an honor & privilege to get to know you, my friend. I adore all of your ‘geek cred’, by the way, so apparently I’m a pretty big geek myself. *giggles* Great minds & all that jazz, right? This geek is certainly going to have to check out that Kolchak; The Night Stalker you mentioned as I, too, am an X-Files ‘I want to believe’ kind of woman. 😉

    How neat that you actually have two real swords. That’s on my list of ‘someday’ things to collect. As you said, they are expensive–especially quality ones–& I have an insane appetite for pommels & hilts with animal (mythical or real) embellishments. For now, my collection is limited to a few different knives & daggers that I thought were beautiful. I’d show pictures, but they’re safely stowed away right now from the curiosity of the CritterKidz until we build a proper display case.

    I would’ve loved growing up hearing the rockets being tested. I grew up, & still live quite close to & in the flight pattern of Detroit Metropolitan Airport. I love watching & hearing the planes take off & land so I can only imagine how fascinated I would’ve been if I’d grown up watching & hearing rockets launch instead.

    I had to smile at #3. Between your obvious fascination with geology & mine with paleontology, we would have made quite the pair as little kids. To this day, I still have a fascination with different types of fossils, stones, & crystal formations. You should see me in a cave gift shop. Yikes! The wallet runs screaming for the hills & budgets fly out the window. 😀

    This was incredibly interesting to read, Donna. I’m sincerely grateful & hope you enjoyed participating as much as I enjoyed reading this. You & Aisling truly are blessings. 🙂

  2. Oh, you are so sweet, Cari! Thanks for asking me to participate. I still do love fossils, rocks and caves, although I don’t actively pursue it these days.
    So much fun doing this!

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