E is for En Arcadia Est #AtoZchallenge

When I play in a campaign, I often use it as an excuse to get creative with character props and session logs. One instance in particular where I spent a lot of time on this was when Scott (husband of Janica, mentioned in D is for Dice) ran a campaign called En Arcadia Est, also known as Saving Arcadia. It was a d20 Modern game we played in May through August 2006.

The game was set in the 1920s. I played [Francis] Drake Corrigan, an artist and practitioner of magic who casts spells by drawing icons on his palm. He is summoned from Paris to the city of Arcadia, ostensibly to report on what’s he’s done with scholarship money received from the Zenith Foundation. At the Zenith Building, he meets Fang Huo Long, a gorgeous Asian woman, and are tasked with investigating the murders in the wealthy Moth family. If you want to read more, I created an entire adventure log (Link to first adventure), illustrated with drawings and internet images appropriate to the tale.

Here are my original character drawings of Drake Corrigan and Fang Huo Long, as well as two characters from later adventures, the mysterious Helen and the equally-mysterious Rachel Strange.

Drake Corrigan

Drake Corrigan, by Donna K. Fitch


Fang Huo Long, by Donna K. Fitch

Fang Huo Long, by Donna K. Fitch


Helen, by Donna K. Fitch

Helen, by Donna K. Fitch

Rachel Strange, by Donna K. Fitch

Rachel Strange, by Donna K. Fitch












Do you ever create props as a player? Comment below!


  1. Hi from the A-to-Z Challenge! While I’m not really familiar with these games, I have to say the story lines and images are really intriguing.

  2. Oh, this brought me back to my brief DnD days–very brief, my brother only let me play with his group once. Otherwise, I would watch until he noticed me hanging around 😉 The historical settings sound fun. #atozchallenge

    • Thanks for stopping by, Shonna! Too bad you didn’t get to play. That happened to a friend of mine, whose mother wouldn’t let her play when her older sister did, who now gets to play all she wants.


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