A Decadent DIY Gift Idea

Another great gift idea for the giving season! Find a darling little bottle in your local craft or antique store and fill it with this yummy Rosemary Smoothing Body Oil. Add a bow and make someone happy!

Rosemary Smoothing Body Oil

5 TBSP. Macadamia Nut Oil
2 TBSP. Sweet Almond Oil
1 TBSP. Shea Butter
1 tsp. Vitamin E oil
20 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Fill a medium sized pot 1/2 way full of water.
Place a glass pyrex bowl with a spout in the water and turn the stove top on to medium heat.
Add macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter to bowl.
Allow to melt.
Remove from heat and add vitamin E oil and rosemary oil and lavender oil.
Pour into a 4 ounce bottle.


(Recipe and graphic courtesy of Meredith Sears Brantley at The Mix.)

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