Restoring Faith in Myself

Liberation Day, or Being Thankful for Change

I tend to refer to one of the days around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as “Liberation Day.” That's my way of being thankful for a shocking and demoralizing day in my life in 2011 when I was suddenly demoted from my director position at work. The personal earthquake has turned out to have positive results, and the resentment for the way it was carried out has mostly faded. Although, I'll confess, there are days…

Here's what I'm thankful for about the whole situation:

  1. A decrease in stress. My job is no longer a major stressor.
  2. I discovered the world of independent publishing. I published Second Death and The Source of Lightning, as well as a collection of short stories, The Color of Darkness and Other Stories.
  3. I focused on God to help me through and strengthen me.
  4. I learned the people I work with were (and are) supportive and impressed (amazed?) that I handled the situation with grace.
  5. I realized I'd been coasting for a long time, and found the energy to launch into other areas.

On January 22 of this year, I'll attend the Service Awards Luncheon and receive an award for 25 years at my workplace. But I'm thankful that's not my only source of self-worth.

Happy Liberation Day to me!

Going for three

Day before yesterday, Mom called to tell me that my grandmother was in the hospital. She fell and fractured her pelvis in 3 places, as well as a rib. She's doing okay, considering, and it isn't life threatening, but her mental state has not been good. I'm hoping it's the meds she's on.

I went in to work for awhile and to teach my class. I was so exhausted after. Some of them I really don't think are getting the concepts AT ALL, which is discouraging.

On a better note, I got Expedition to the Demonweb Pits from the nice UPS man yesterday. Mayhem for my players shall surely ensue.