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With a name like Slaughtergarde…

The party made it through six encounters on Saturday. This time it was not a walk in the park. We had our longest combat (in a campaign I've run), 8 rounds, against three stupid troglodytes. I hate troglodytes now. They were so fiddly. Part of the problem was that Dornath was hemmed in and couldn't do skirmish damage. The scariest critter was the half-fiend ogre. He could dish out huge amounts of damage with his falchion in one blow.

I actually discussed character deaths with S and J at lunch. As we know, there's no way I can possibly kill of Grayl. He's far too vital to my plot. I don't want to kill anyone, but we'll see. I just wanted them to be aware of the possibility.

I drove up to Huntsville yesterday for far too short a trip, but I got to visit with Mom and Gram, so it was nice. Really wore me out though. I didn't realize how tired I was until after dinner.

I have begun plotting the “bridge” section between Slaughtergarde and Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. Full of dragon-y goodness. I dug out Dragon Magic and already found just skimming it some cool things to use.

No Mutants & Masterminds this weekend

I posted in my other blog at dkfitch.blogspot.com that this weekend we would get to play Mutants and Masterminds for real. Last week we did sample combat and I really liked the build of Rascal, so I was anxious to try him out in RP. But when the GM isn't up to it, you just don't press your luck. So I'm running Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde again. Which is good, I'm enjoying it a lot. I've just been in a superhero mood. I've been working on the first appearance issue of Rascal and Kamishina (J's character), using Comic Book Creator. I'm on page 3 out of 6. It's slow going, but fun. I posted pix in my other blog, but here's an image of Kamishina on a rooftop.Kamishina on a rooftop

I'm looking forward to Expedition to the Demonweb Pits coming out. That will be my eventual sequel to Slaughtergarde. I've also considered throwing in some bits of Planescape: Fires of Dis. My players are up to 6th level now, a level we've never reached in a game I'm running. Demonweb Pits starts at 9th level, but I have some wickedness planned for them if/when they emerge from S'garde.

This section of Slaughtergarde is rumored to be a killer. It seems dangerous, but the PCs seem to have breezed through so far, so they deserve a challenge.