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Extreme lame-nicity

Yeah, I haven't posted in over a month! And now I'm posting a link. But oh, boy, what an awesome link: mouseferatu posted a You Tube of the truth about kitties who try to wake their owners/slaves.Also found out yesterday that IA Faeries is "in … [Continue reading]

Gorey does Star Trek

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Long time no post

Gah, I've been so bad! Left Maggie and Emerson hanging and everything.A lot's happened since I last wrote, though, particularly the announcement of the 4th edition of D&D. I confess, I was a little freaked out by it. I mean, I have a CONSIDERABLE … [Continue reading]

IA Faeries Adventure

At long last I got my wish--to play Imperial Age Faeries. The only problem with it was that it was too short. We finished up in 4 hours. Here are the highlights. Emerson and Maggie were finishing up a meager supper when they heard someone coming … [Continue reading]