Not sure how I missed this particular quiz, but here's my results. Big surprise, huh?  You scored as Method Actor, You think that gaming is a form of creative expression. You may view rules as, at best, a necessary evil, preferring sessions … [Continue reading]

Long time, no post

Well, I had posted stuff and then LJ ate it. Must be that darn goat! Anyhow, here's the description S gave me of my character in our next game, using d20 Modern, Imperial Age Faeries and IA Magick.Emerson Somewhere along the way, due to your … [Continue reading]


Yes, first there were lolcats (my fave site: and Apparently there's now lolpr0n (Nope, no link for that. You're on your own, cowboy.). Yikes. My idea is lolminis! Yes, … [Continue reading]

Home Page Redesign

I am excited. The design I've worked on for the past couple of days, the one I like, is also one that Philip and Michael both like. Michael will show it to the President in their meeting at 2:30 today. I hope he likes it. [Link removed 8/28/15] … [Continue reading]

And this is MODERATE air quality??

Wow, got outside this morning and wondered if our neighborhood was on fire. The air is hazy and smells strongly of wood smoke. We need rain so badly. The sun hanging over Lakeshore Drive on the way in was an small orange ball, looking like it didn't … [Continue reading]