Going for three

Day before yesterday, Mom called to tell me that my grandmother was in the hospital. She fell and fractured her pelvis in 3 places, as well as a rib. She's doing okay, considering, and it isn't life threatening, but her mental state has not been … [Continue reading]

Leather-bound creepiness

This item is fascinating: http://www.bostonathenaeum.org/highwayman.html. An account of a highwayman bound in his own skin. Sounds like the beginning of a Lovecraft story. … [Continue reading]

Rick rules

Okay, my brother is super-cool. Check out his reasoned discourse: https://www2.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=30756176&postID=3306288675288068173He's John Dickinson in 1776 right now, and his wonderful wife is playing Abigail Adams. See … [Continue reading]

The fun never stops

OK, not to be whiny, but noroviruses are NOT fun. Ohhhh, no. Take it from me, who spent the past 2 days in bed. My muscles are still sore from...well, I'll spare the graphic details. I'm beginning to feel normal, slowly. Must tell this on … [Continue reading]

Demise of Dragon and Dungeon

S pointed out to me today the announcement that Paizo will cease publication of both Dragon and Dungeon magazines in September. We are both very sad about it. Dragon has been around as long as I've known about D&D. I'm not the only one who felt … [Continue reading]