What are You Supposed to Be?

I'm assembling a team.

Nope, not the Justice League.

Nope, not the Avengers.

I'm assembling a team of women (and men) who are passionate about helping others become the person she (or he) was born to be.

What the World Needs Now…

Sometimes it's really hard to love other people. The world–especially the U.S.—seems really tense and scary these days, to the point where it's a whole lot easier to write 'em all off and just blanket-fort it. I have to confess that I frequently say, “People suck,” usually during or after a newscast. But what if people suck because they aren't feeling their best? I sure get cranky when I'm not feeling well. What if they suck because they aren't the person they are meant to be?

But that's why we need to spread the word (and the scent) about oils. Wouldn't it be great to diffuse Stress Away in the middle of Congress? Maybe we can't do that, but a better world starts with one person and one action at a time.

Jesus commanded us to love, even (especially) our enemies. That is hard, I won't lie. No matter what your religious beliefs, love is a central tenet. If we don't consider the wellbeing of others, we get insular and just focus on ourselves. That deprives the world of our unique talents. People are crying out in need–and they need YOU.

Just the Essentials

I've spent the past six months studying essential oils, and specifically Young Living. I believe in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness the products can–and do–bring. That's why I've chosen to devote significant time sharing with you. It's not some dodgy company or a get-rich-quick scheme. I genuinely care about using my talents to help you become the person you were meant to be through a fuller, healthier life.

Wanna Join?

The point of a team is that we're all pulling together for the same goals. I want a team because I can't do it alone. And I want to help you with your goals.

Besides helping others, joining the Young Living team can help you earn an income commensurate with the work you put into it. As I said earlier, you won't get rich quick, but you'll have a group of people to help you. I'll talk more about the monetary aspects in tomorrow's post.

For now, here's how to join Team Joyful Oil Life.

  1. Go to http://bit.ly/DonnaFitchYoungLiving.
  2. Click Continue
  3. My name should appear on the next welcome screen. If so, click Continue
  4. Choose your diffuser
  5. Customize your Essential Rewards box (optional, but recommended) and click the Confirm checkbox.
  6. Click Next
  7. Fill out your membership info and sign-in info. (Make sure you remember your username/password/PIN. This will be used to login to your Virtual Office.)
  8. Click Agree and Continue.
  9. Finalize your order, shipping and payment.
  10. Welcome to Young Living and Team Joyful Oil Life! You'll receive a welcome email from me very soon, but feel free to contact me with any questions!