Ahhh, cherry chip cake

My husband is the best! He actually found my favorite cake mix at Lucky's in Montevallo. Cherry chip. Really hard to find these days, for some reason. He baked it last night. Pink frosting, too! Yum!

I went home early yesterday after a delicious birthday lunch at Brio, courtesy of the ever-wonderful S & J, and worked on my latest character. He's named Ka-Quindath, a giant iron witch from Arcana Evolved. I hope he works out well in the Mosaic campaign. AE characters are somewhat nerfed (ok, balanced), but even at 3rd level, he's not brimming over with useful spells. At least to judge from the descriptions. Oh, well, we'll see.

Rain is forecast for today, possibly storms. Let's hope so! Get to work, you stormclouds! You been wussin' out for far too long! 

[Obligatory disclaimer: Please note that I am not responsible in any way for damage caused by thunderstorms or tornadoes. They're called Acts of God for a reason. I ain't Him.]

HBD to me!

Wow, I have made it to the advanced age of 48. Was about to say “of maturity”, but that would be a lie. I decided to dress up girly today, so I'm wearing a skirt and heels! Thomas gave me a beautiful pearl pendant and matching earrings last night.  S & J are taking me to lunch today, and I may ask to take the afternoon off. W00t!