How I Found a Church that Wouldn’t Make Me Cry

I didn’t break the church…

it was that way when I got there, honestly.

So, I was in charge. I gave Scott the day off (right), and planned on favorite hymns instead of a sermon. Three people were there when I arrived, but for some reason the lights were off. Huh? Why were they sitting in the dark.

AH. The entire fluorescent light fixture had fallen, landing on a couple of pews, hanging there by an ancient and frayed cord. No one was willing to touch it (although one of them was a retired electrician…). They were all waiting for the deacon to arrive. Since I was in charge, I took the situation in hand.

And stood around and talked about it with them.

And wondered what on earth Scott was going to say.

And snapped a photo of it with my phone when they went in to Sunday school.

When the deacon got there, he already knew. He saw it the day before, and had called the man who installed the thing in the first place. He unclipped the fixture and folded up the cord so it was out of the way. We were able to turn on the lights.

The rest of the service proceeded fine. When I left, I posted the photo to Facebook. Scott called as soon as he saw it (sooner than I expected, truth to tell). I'd intended to call him. He wanted to know what I'd done to his church.

I bet he doesn't take a vacation again for awhile.

Really. It wasn't my fault.