This is sort of a catch-all entry today. 

Last Saturday was the first session where I played Mordecai as a gnome. No real problem, except he only has a 20′ move. NBD. The session ended in a quite cool way, retrieving the egg–which appeared to be a giant sapphire–of a sapphire dragon who had wiped out just about an entire city of yuan ti who were intent on sacrificing said egg.

Rick got the lead in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! He was a bit worried that Stacy wouldn't cast him because of his age; the leading ladies are 20 and 22, respectively. No worries. And she double cast the role, so he won't have to do every single time. Jeanette has a role as well–Hyde slays her at one point. Don't think that's occurred before. He's married her and given her elocution lessons on stage, but no murder, I don't think.

One of the two new medications I'm on is making me feel…not quite nauseous, but not quite right. Not sure I like it. I think I have lost a bit of weight though, which is part of the goal. Better than the sleep clinic. And tomorrow is my first visit to Dr. Parker. Should be…um…interesting. I'm expecting to feel like I've been through a wringer. She seemed quite nice on the phone, although she did jump to the conclusion when I was explaining about our infertility experiences that we had then gotten pregnant. Yeah, I know, it happens to some people when they quit trying. But not everyone. 

I am still really enjoying listening to Clockwork Cabaret's podcasts and finding lots of new and often weird music. They are fun. Too bad I'm not going to Dragon*Con to see them!