Second Death is now listed on It says you may sign up to purchase it when it becomes available. I'm so impatient! I want it available now!

Well, as I've said before, you may purchase it from CreateSpace. I actually get more royalties there.

It's also available on Kindle.

CreateSpace update

I received my proof of Second Death from CreateSpace today. It is amazingly beautiful. Now I have to read through it to make sure it's correct, then I'll be able to actually order print copies. I've begun working on my marketing plan, which is the next really important step.

Don't forget, it's available on Kindle, and soon in other formats.

Ordered proof

The next step in the print journey for Second Death is complete. I spent a couple of hours yesterday reformatting the manuscript for CreateSpace. It's a good thing I had to do that–besides leaving in the template's headers (how embarrassing!) the second time I reformatted it, one of the chapters was called Chapter 10. And it was chapter 30. Eek! But all is fixed and I've now ordered the proof. It should arrive in about a week.

In the meantime, buy it for Kindle!