Dr. Horrible is Creepy-Cute!

Dr. Horrible dollI made this little guy for my brother for his birthday. I used the basic form from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden, given to me by my wonderful and wacky friends. His goggles and freeze ray are made with Premo Sculpey. His eyes and gloves are felt.keys to Australia

On the right are the keys to a shiny new Australia, with which I also gifted him. These are also made of Premo Sculpey and Fun Wire. The smaller key is the valet key.

Dr. H panel from ComicCon

Fun pictures from ComicCon, taken by Zack Whedon: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=151564&id=51074710227

Cool phenomenon, that even the stars have all the photo gadgets.

And I got the Dr. Horrible soundtrack today. 🙂

Oh, yeah, have to add this, the Ultimate Gaming Table: http://www.geekchichq.com/The_Sultan_.html . Wow. And an attractive piece of furniture, too. Whew.

NPH for VP!

This is too funny, from Comedy Central: http://blog.indecision2008.com/2008/08/13/which-neil-patrick-harris-is-barack-obamas-best-vp-pick/

In the comments, LOVE this:

[to the tune of “Bad Horse”, as sung by his posse]

@Jordan T
I'd say Cheney is worse than Romney or Bad Horse.
*opens letter*

Cheney, Cheney,
Cheney, Cheney

He goes across the nation
Vice president of sin
He supports extraordinary
He endorses torture
And waterboarding!
Illegal wars, a show of force
and corrupt connections, of course!

Cheney, Cheney,
Cheney, he's bad

The Grand Old Party
Is watching so beware
Losing the election
Would be rare!
So make Cheney happy
Or you won't be spared…

You are part of
A doomed country
Because I rule now
Signed Cheney

by randomliberal August 14th at 6:30PM 

PS that has nothing to do with Dr. H: My office is no longer freezing. Facilities Services guys disabled the ice beam yesterday morning–er, they installed a switch. Brilliant. Now I have complete control…[insert evil laugh here]

Super folk in Dr. Horrible

So, what can we infer about supers in the world inhabited by Dr. Horrible?

We get mentions of Conflict Diamond, Hourglass and Bait and Switch, besides appearances of Dr. Horrible himself and Moist. We see Pink Pummeler and Purple Pimp (so identified in the credits). Then there's the Evil League of Evil: Professor Normal, Fake Thomas Jefferson, Tie-Die, Dead Bowie, Fury Leika, Snake Bite, and the Thoroughbred of Sin himself, Bad Horse.

The only hero mentioned is Captain Hammer. Does he have help? Obviously his ego is large enough to be the only one.

Do they have powers? Apparently some of them do, to judge by Moist.

What have I missed?

Now if I just had an iPhone…