DFRPG Laws of Magic

 The Dresden RPG site has a great series of articles on the Dresdenverse Laws of Magic, also giving a lot of cool info on how the game mechanics will work.

Overview on the Laws
First Law: Never take a life [with magic]
Second Law: Never transform another
Third Law: Never invade the thoughts of another
Fourth Law: Never enthrall another
Fifth Law: Never reach beyond the borders of life
Sixth Law: Never swim against the currents of time
Seventh Law: Never seek knowledge and power from beyond the Outer Gates

Dresden geeking

 I'm still geeking out over the possibilities of the Dresden Files RPG. S and I came up with some characters, although I've (naturally) been obsessing over mine more. I'll post them soon. I'm about 3/4 of the way through White Night. It's not quite as good as some of the others, but is still very enjoyable. I like seeing what's happened to Molly Carpenter, his apprentice, but I miss her dad, the paladin Michael Carpenter. (He is so a paladin.) Then to top off my geekfest, I came home from work yesterday and watched the first episode of the Dresden Files DVD that Rick and Jen got me for my birthday. I love the casting of Paul Blackthorne as Harry. I also like Valerie Cruz as Murphy, although she is the absolute opposite (well, in appearance) of Murphy in the books.

Dresden RPG!

Playtesting reports are out about a Dresden Files RPG. Sounds really cool!


Yes, first there were lolcats (my fave site: http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/cats/cats.htm and www.lolcats2.com). Apparently there's now lolpr0n (Nope, no link for that. You're on your own, cowboy.). Yikes. 

My idea is lolminis! Yes, D&D minis. I've spent time over the last few months cataloging mine and S's collections of D&D minis (his have been living at my house since I've been running Shattered Gates of S'garde), and when the minis were on my desk, they ended up in fascinating juxtapositions. Like, if you have two ophidians (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mg/20050721a), you can have them link arms and square dance. Yeah, I know, it's sick.

Development on the new Samford home page has ground to a halt. The powers that be (no, not THOSE powers) wanted feedback from people. Pfft. That's all due today, so I can move on after that. Most of the comments weren't that useful, but they have been positive overall.

Oh, I finished the 6th Dresden Files book last night. Wow, they are so good. I can't believe I was ready to stop after the 2nd one. It really picked up after that.

Our heat pump upstairs has gone out. Ack. And this week is supposed to climb into the 90s. They are coming out Monday to look at it.

Silver Hammer!

I finally got around to checking out the Horror Writers Association newsletter for May in hopes of seeing my name there, and sure enough, saw this: 

The festivities commenced with WHC's Grandmaster Award to Joe Lansdale, and then our own Deborah LeBlanc took the stage to present HWA's Silver Hammer Award (to our database mistress Donna Fitch) and the Richard Laymon Award (to Lisa Morton). WHC's artist Guest of Honor John Picacio next presented our Specialty Press Award to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing.

W00t! (I can't link it here, as you have to have username and password to log in.) The hammer is cool (and I'll post a pic of it soon), but the card celebrating it given to me by S & J is even cooler.

In other news, T and I spent 3 hours at the doctor's office. T's side was still hurting (actually worse) and Dr. Aizenman gave him a 4:15 appointment, but said, “Bring a book, you'll have a long wait.” Sure enough, we got out at 7:00. The diagnosis: pleurisy! Ack! Aspirin will alleviate it, and was helping him feel better by last night. Poor baby, he's so tired of feeling bad. I was able to read the first 12 chapters or so of the 6th Dresden Files book, Death Masks.

The Dresden books are fascinating. Better written (after the 1st couple) than the TV series–although I confess I now picture Harry and the gang looking as they do on the show. His depiction of Michael, who is essentially a paladin, was the best I've seen–a Christian who is actually an interesting character, strengthened by his faith, but having doubts and generally acting like a human being. In this current book, he's joined by 2 others, an Asian (Japanese, I think) man and a Russian man. This last was chosen by Michael (not Carpenter, the other one) to receive the sword–but he claims to be an atheist, or at best, an agnostic. Dresden finds that highly amusing; he apparently does believe in God, but has issues with Him.

OK, back to work on the home page redesign. I am so not into it.