D is for Donna: #atozchallenge2015

Here this year's first post in Alexandria Publishing Group's A to Z Blogging Challenge: http://alexandriapublishinggroup.com/2015/04/04/blogging-a-to-z-challenge-d-is-for-donna/

D-is-for-DonnaAlexandria Publishing Group is a wonderful circle of very talented authors, and I’m privileged to be one of them. My name? Donna K. Fitch (please don’t forget that “K”—I’m particular about that), illuminator of alternate realities, at your service.

My fiction writing always has a heavy dose of the supernatural in it, whether that’s a life-altering curse in Second Death, excursions into the aether and frightening killing ability in The Source of Lightning, or psychic prognostication and quasi-time travel in The Color of Darkness and Other Stories.

The gaming books I’ve written are firmly based in alternate realities. Sahasra: Land of 1,000 Cities is a d20 roleplaying book about a fantasy analogue of India, while Imperial Age: Faeries (written with Scott Carter) is about playing faeries in Victorian England.

I was an academic librarian for twelve years, and wrote several peer reviewed articles during that time. I even edited the manuscript for my late stepfather’s magnum opus, The Thematic Catalogue of the Musical Works of Johann Pachelbel, published by Scarecrow Press. I don’t think any of my academic publications have fantasy in them.

My latest venture is my business, Maximum Author Impact. I believe the web is about relationships. I help indie authors connect with their readers through beautiful WordPress websites and other marketing tools and training resources. Stop by and see how I can help you.

I live in central Alabama, work at a university as a web designer, sing in the church choir, play Dungeons and Dragons as often as I can (at least once a month), and live with my husband and three cats.

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