Drastic Perspective Change

This is so funny to me. T and I played Warcraft last night with the friend I talked about in the last entry. He finally got his headphones to work, so we actually spoke with him–which amazes me. I know, I know. VOIP is an established thing. Still amazing.

We found out he's 14.

And now I'm not as keen to play with him. We're old enough to be his parents. Or, as Thomas helpfully pointed out, possibly even his grandparents. (That's a stretch.) We never actually told him our ages, but T asked questions like, "Do your parents mind you playing", etc. Obviously "old man" questions.

So funny. He was so much like my nephew was at that age, down to the really lame joke he told.

I kinda don't think this is what my therapist had in mind when she wanted me to broaden my circle of friends.

Real People in a Simulated World

Last night I actually interacted at length with a real person while playing World of Warcraft. Seriously! Thomas and I have played with a coworker of his, but this was someone I've never met IRL before. I met him Monday night when I was getting killed about 8 times by ravagers, but I was barely civil, because, um, GETTING KILLED ABOUT 8 TIMES BY FREAKIN' RAVAGERS. Plus it was getting late and I was trying to wrap it up. Thomas had started over as a night elf and was leveling up to meet me somewhere.

So last night, Thomas was adventuring with two people he'd met (and whom I'm joining tonight, because they need a healer–I'm an 11th level draenei shaman). This guy messages me again, asking me if I'm still getting killed. I was in the midst of cleaning out a cave full of wrathscale nagas, and having a pretty easy job of it, so I was able to chat some. He's a couple of levels above me, also a draenei shaman, and has played for a couple of years. He ended up helping me find a jewelcrafter trainer in the Exodar so I could gain that profession, and gave me some scrolls.

I was proud of myself for interacting, but it's more stressful than just playing. T said the same thing when he came upstairs to check on me. All in all, I think my therapist might approve.

Hey, it's not like I'm Codex.

Yeah, I’m a gamer

Somehow, when I'm not playing, I can convince myself that D&D is not that big a deal, I can live without it, it's not as much fun since Mordecai became a gnome. Rationalizations, all. We played again after a month-long hiatus. I really do love the game. The interaction, the combat…the only thing that would've made it better would've been roleplay, but that's not really the place we're in right now. We whomped a total of 8 giants in two combats, although Quin was knocked unconscious at one point. Just because he's got a level of Fighter doesn't mean he's as tough as one!

I've been contemplating Star Wars Saga Edition the past week. That will probably be our next campaign when Mosaic wraps up, although I'm not sure when that will be, and how long the break for youngling Gray Lynn Carter will last. (Yes, I have named the baby in advance. This is what insane "aunt" people do. Hey, a girl could be named that too. How many girls these days are named Madison? Okay, I know, Madison is passe. You know what I mean.) ANYway–SW. The campaign will be set in 1500 BBY or thereabouts, and will feature a party of a noble, a Jedi, and two others (scoundrel & smuggler?). I think it will be a fun change of pace.

Long time no post

Gah, I've been so bad! Left Maggie and Emerson hanging and everything.

A lot's happened since I last wrote, though, particularly the announcement of the 4th edition of D&D. I confess, I was a little freaked out by it. I mean, I have a CONSIDERABLE amount invested in 3.5 books. But the more I read about it, the more excited I am. Yeah, it means learning a new system, because it's basically been rewritten from the ground up, but as I delve deeper into 3.5, I realize it's SO complicated. Fourth edition is supposed to be streamlined. Of course, Scott and I will have to learn the new edition, if we want to continue to be gainfully employed in the gaming business. The good news about that is that Wizards of the Coast will once again provide the OGL and SRD, giving 3rd party publishers a chance for survival.

Side rant: Not that I ever see any payoff from my writing efforts. It's now been 13 months since I've been paid a dime by Dog Soul. You definitely don't get rich in this business.

One of the reasons I haven't written is that I've been sooo busy. The new home page, designed by me, coded by Carissa, went live on August 1 to universal acclaim. There have been a few “I can't finds”, but overall it was so much more pleasant than the last time. The last time you would've thought we were hacking up babies or something. But then again, we also went live with a new portal, and people still can't make a distinction between the two.

In the ongoing campaign, the PCs have reached 10th level! Don't know when that's happened to us before. They are about to enter the Fane of Eclavdra and fight a honkin' lot of drow. I was not impressed with my DMing last session. It was a giveaway, I let them have surprise rounds and the bad guys never got them. I'm hoping this time will be different. No. I'm PLANNING for this time to be different. I want it tough, as befits the sanctuary of an epic level evil chick.

Enough for now. Back to work!

IA Faeries Adventure

At long last I got my wish–to play Imperial Age Faeries. The only problem with it was that it was too short. We finished up in 4 hours.

Here are the highlights.

Emerson and Maggie were finishing up a meager supper when they heard someone coming up the back stairs of their ramshackle squatting place–stairs which shouldn't have been able to support weight. Emerson attempted to fight off the intruder while Maggie gathered up their few belongings and ran down the pile of furniture and debris through the hole in the floor. The strange intruder was a formidable opponent. Emerson and Maggie ran out into the alley, where they were rescued by a peculiar old man who drew a chalk line on the wall. The chalk line became a door, and the two found themselves on top of a grassy hill, looking up at the stars in a clear black sky.

They spoke with an immense Owl, who told them the 4 rules of Faerie (1. Never leave the path. 2. Don't accept anything unless you pay for it in kind. 3. Always be polite and courteous. 4. Never give your name. Say what you are called.), which was where they found themselves, in the County of Eleven. He told them to go to the Mouse and Owl Inn, then flew off on gigantic wings. As the two looked at each other, they noticed that Maggie had becoming even more luminously beautiful, while Emerson was taller with even larger hands and feet than before.

Emerson and Maggie made their way down the hill on the spiral path and through the woods, always sure to follow the path. They found a skeleton entangled in a thorn bush, and nearby, a massive iron-shod club that Emerson appropriated. Although it seemed too large for a man to use, it fit nicely in his oversized hands. It came in quite handy when they found themselves surrounded by goblins. Emerson pulped one with the club, while Maggie displayed a newfound ability for casting spells and put most of them to sleep.

More later…