Are Your Goals Limiting Your Dreams?

I am all about goals. I've built my business around the concept of rewarding yourself for succeeding in your goals. But something just occurred to me, and that's the title of this post.

Are your goals limiting your dreams?

We get so wrapped up in brainstorming about goals and thinking about the practical aspects of achieving that we forget about the bigger picture.

Ask yourself: What would I do with my life if I had no obstacles holding me back?

Ask yourself: If I could do anything in the world, what would it be?

Ask yourself: How do I picture my most whole, most authentic, absolute best self?

Ponder those questions for an hour, a month, a year. Allow yourself to imagine, to dream what your life would be like.

That is the point at which you start making goals about how to achieve that dream.

Remember, your only limitation is you.